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What technical support
can do for you [part 2]

Back in the days of MS-DOS, it was possible to identify the exact version because each had a unique version number, but today two supposedly identical copies of Windows, with exactly the same version number, may in fact be different—and the problem may relate to that difference. Worse still, if any software has been installed (and what is the use of a computer without software?) or even removed, files called DLLs may have been replaced—and this may be the cause of problems, depending on the exact version of whatever has been installed.

So what does this all mean? It means that some problems simply cannot be diagnosed—because they just don’t occur elsewhere. Other problems may require changes to the hardware, operating system or other installed software in order to be resolved. Sometimes it just isn’t possible to fix the problem. That is one of the reasons why WindSword makes demonstration versions of its software available—if the demonstration works, then the full version of the software will almost certainly work too.

What technical support can’t do

Software has certain basic requirements and limitations. For example, all WindSword software requires the use of a mouse. If you don’t have a mouse, then some features simply will not work, and WindSword makes no apologies for this.

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