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No software is perfect, and no software can be tested with every combination of computers, peripherals and operating systems. Faults are therefore inevitable. Some of these can be rectified—most notably faults which lie entirely within the software. Other faults depend on the interaction of the software with the operating system, device drivers or other software. These can be much harder to diagnose and fix.

Why? A computer is actually a collection of separate systems—a processor, a graphics system, mass storage and so on—and there are dozens, or even hundreds, of different types of each. Generally speaking, each item has its own software ‘driver’, of which there will be many versions. Worse still, each component also contains its own software (usually called ‘firmware’). So a hardware related problem may be due to one specific revision of the firmware, or driver version, or to the interaction of two or more items. It can also relate to how the driver interacts with the operating system, and this in turn depends on which version of the operating system is running.


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