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Consultancy Services: software development

Because commercial software, of whatever type, has to be designed for a variety of potential buyers who may have quite different requirements of the same package, there are times when none of the off-the-shelf packages provide the functionality needed. WindSword can help, bringing our commitment to excellence in software design to solve your particular problems.

  • Do you need independent advice on the design of bespoke software for Microsoft Windows—is the design feasible, will it work across all the versions of Windows you use and will it survive the next version of Windows? WindSword can answer your questions.
  • Do you need a help system for your software product? WindSword can help!
  • Do you need hardware-based copy protection for your software? WindSword can supply the necessary hardware and libraries.
  • Do you need your software to be usable in a foreign language? WindSword can arrange for the necessary translation ( specific language availability varies from time to time), and can rebuild resources and help systems appropriately.
  • Do you need your software product mass produced and packaged ready for shipment? WindSword can take care of this for you.

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