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Consultancy Services: translation

No business can afford to forget that there are other languages in the world than English. However, translation—especially of technical material—can be tricky, as anyone who has tried to make sense of a Japanese VCR’s instructions can testify! WindSword may be able to help:

  • Are you developing a software product which may need to be available in a language other than English? WindSword may be able to provide the translation services you need.
  • Do you need to have manuals or other documentation translated into another language? WindSword may be able to take care of this for you.
  • Are you developing a Web site which needs to be presented in more than one language? Again, WindSword may be able help—whether you are using our Web Design Services or not!
  • Do you have a site/documentation/software in some other language which needs to be translated into English? Here, too, WindSword may be able to help.

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