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WindSword Sound Processor

Sound Processor: features

With the WindSword Sound Processor you can record, edit and save sound files with a minimum of effort. Take a look at the features on offer in version 1.3:

  • record any supported source in 16 bit mono or stereo
  • select sample rate from 8 KHz to 48 KHz
  • record direct to RAM or to disc
  • "vcr" function allows multiple recordings to be preset
  • delay start of recording to preset time
  • trigger recording on start of sound
  • monitoring and cataloging facility for recording telephone calls
  • DTMF tone detection
  • pause on silence
  • stop on silence
  • stop after specified time
  • record multiple items to disc sequentially
  • play selected data
  • repeat playback
  • set output volume and balance
  • mute
  • edit multiple data windows
  • edit in RAM or from disc
  • view data at any scale from entire recording to 1/10 second
  • set bookmarks to control partitioning
  • cut, copy and paste sound data
  • change sample rate
  • fade out/in between tracks
  • delete selected data
  • delete leading or trailing silence
  • selectively modify silence
  • reset volume and balance
  • swap channels
  • fade
  • partition recording into multiple items
File formats:
  • supports WAV files for input and output
  • supports Ogg-Vorbis files for input and output
  • supports MP3 files for output using LameEnc DLL (downloading instructions included)

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