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Toolbar Editor: features

With the WindSword Toolbar Editor you can create professional-looking tool and status bars in minutes. Tool bar support can be integrated into your application with a minimum of hassle using the runtime DLL, which includes support for multiple types of tools, including 256 colour bitmaps. Take a look at the features on offer:

  • true WYSIWYG editing of the tool bar under construction, including click-&-drag sizing and positioning of tools
  • alternate script editing of the tool bar
  • full integration with your project’s resource file, including a list of all toolbars in the resource file
  • set the properties of each item from a property sheet
  • preview the tool bar, status bar or floating tool box under construction
  • tools can be aligned to the top left or bottom right of resizeable tool bars
  • comprehensive help facilities, covering every menu option, button, combo and edit box in the editor
  • comprehensive description of the DLL functions, including examples and advice on the most commonly needed facilities
  • support for Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows 98 and Windows 95
Tool types:
  • text buttons
  • bitmap buttons
  • multi-state buttons
  • tabs
  • combo boxes
  • edit boxes
  • list boxes
  • tree controls
  • progress bars
  • vertical and horizontal scroll bars
  • texture elements (bumps, dips and group delimiters)
  • text
  • 16- & 256-colour bitmaps

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