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The WindSword Image Analysis System


Designed for ease of use in a familiar Windows environment, the WindSword Image Analysis System is nevertheless an extremely powerful tool, whether your problem is the cleaning up of noisy images, resolving of poorly synchronised fields in interlaced images, or the revealing of subtle detail prior to measurement—whatever you need to do, an extensive range of greyscale processing tools can enable you to extract reliable and accurate information from the image.

Do you need to handle sequences of images, or just one very large image? No problem: the WindSword Image Analysis System operates on sequences and on large format images with no reduction in processing speed per pixel.

Do you want to capture sequences of images? No problem: the WindSword Image Analysis System supports all current Matrox frame grabbers.

Do you need to automate the processing and analysis of images? No problem: the WindSword Image Analysis System provides a script language compatible with NIH Image scripts.

Do you want to perform a Fourier transformation or define a custom filter? No problem: all the facilities are at hand in the WindSword Image Analysis System. The software supports more than 20 image formats and formats from many scanning devices, electron microscopes and popular image processing packages.

The range of measurement functions stands comparison with the best general-purpose image analysis packages currently available. It provides over 20 standard measurements—but you can add up to 12 user-defined mathematical expressions to extract whatever data you need at any time.

Other features
which make this package an exceptional combination of power, versatility and user-friendliness:

  • support for TWAIN compatible scanners
  • handles images up to 30000 x 30000 pixels
  • easy calibration of all spatial & greyscale measurements to ensure meaningful results
  • sort and classify objects according to any combination of criteria
  • directly measure perspective views using a range of tools
  • reslice multi-frame images in a variety of ways to create synthetic cross-sections
  • all system-wide settings saved and restored as needed
  • image-specific settings (e.g. spatial & density calibrations) saved and restored with image.
  • seamless integration with external spreadsheets and text editors.

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